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Celadawn (2ml)

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Art and Olfaction Award Nominated 2022

Scent Profile: Sweet Cedarwood, Spiced Sicilian Blood Orange, and our in-house Horchata Amber; Unisex/Genderless

Size: Discovery (e2ml / 0.07 fl oz)

CELADAWN is the debut fragrance from MATTEO PARFUMS. A warm, suave, and sophisticated scent that draws quiet attention. The top notes pique your interest while the mid and base notes satisfy the curiosity with its remarkable dry down and sillage. This unisex fragrance is ideal for men but is genderless therefore suitable for anyone. Inspired by our Founder's own self, multiethnic heritage, and a toast to California evenings, CELADAWN is created with Latin, Mediterranean, and African woods, herbs, spices, fruit, and flora, to produce this one of a kind concoction. Regal, confident, and smooth, enjoy CELADAWN.

Top notes: Vietnamese Cinnamon, Indian Black Peppercorn, and Spanish Saffron
Heart notes: Sicilian Blood Orange and our custom Horchata Amber
Base notes: Virginia Cedar, Mexican Vanilla, and Beige Musk

Hand formulated and bottled in California. Recyclable. Eco-friendly Packaging! Flammable. Please keep out of direct sunlight and store in a cool, dry place. Cruelty-free. Travel-friendly (TSA approved). Recommended you apply to a small area of your skin and/or clothes first to test the scent and evaluate it evolving over time.

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