The Brand

Welcome to MATTEO PARFUMS®, a California-based fine fragrance house first dreamt of in 2017 then formally established in 2019. MATTEO PARFUMS was created to inspire and evoke confidence, spread multiculturalism and imagination, and connect with others. We desire to add to the industry narrative by including cultures, people, stories, ingredients, and settings which are often overlooked in fragrance. Designed "For the Confident," our founding principles are: imagination, culture, and maximalism: the opulence and appreciation of detail. MATTEO PARFUMS promises to be a fine fragrance brand people think highly of and our supreme products become a staple of who they are and who they can be.

The Founder

Hi, I'm Matthew J. Sánchez, nicknamed "Matteo" or "Mateo," a Southern California native motivated to create products with purpose and establish a legacy.

Self-taught in perfumery, then a Perfumer's Apprentice, in October 2017 I became America's youngest Black male perfumer and youngest Latino perfumer (pretty cool, right?).

My entrepreneurial spirit and gravitation towards international exploration came naturally to me in my childhood. Son of a Mexican-Sicilian father and Ghanaian-American mother, I am a product of—and entirely captivated by—globalization and multiculturalism.

In my last year at UCLA, I knew I wanted to find ways to connect with others while fulfilling my entrepreneurial desires. I made full use of the fact that of all five senses, our sense of smell has the strongest connection to our memories and emotions. Therefore, I knew I could access peoples' lives through the power of scent and story-telling. This is my vision and desire for MATTEO PARFUMS: to influence the scent culture and multiple industries, inspire confidence and fellow visionaries, and immerse people into the global and imaginative world we live in.

I currently live in the Inland Empire and San Francisco, California. I work in the world of venture capital, focusing on investments and communities within deeptech (including AI/ML), luxury & beauty, and health & wellness, and an angel investor. I have experiences as a Product, Operations, and Design leader in the banking, insurance, and tech industries. I hold a B.S. in Applied Mathematics with minors in Global Studies and Entrepreneurship from UCLA.

Contact Us

MATTEO PARFUMS  is a global, mindful, and community oriented brand that wants to grow with you. Let us hear what you want to see, smell, and share. All comments, collaboration proposals, ideas, and customer service requests are welcomed.

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