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Lovers' Dew (2ml)

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Olfactive Family:  Aquatic Fougère

Scent Profile: Juicy Prickly Pear, Fresh Herbed Citrus, Clean Marine Salt & Stones, Mercurial Ambergris, and our custom Coastal Bouquet

Size: Full (e2ml / 0.07 fl oz)

Lovers' Dew is the second pillar fragrance from MATTEO PARFUMS. Inspired by the cherished duo of light and water—and stunning folklore enveloped by both—perfumer Matthew J. Sánchez creates Lovers' Dew as a sensual symphony of luminous aquatic fantasy and its pulsating lure.

Poetically created to celebrate a modern imagination of majestic world wonders, with you as the protagonist, Lovers' Dew is a dream. Layered with brightening top notes featuring baies de genièvre (juniper berry) and California citrus, coupled with Aztec tuna de nopal (prickly pear), Lovers' Dew opens with an explosion of fresh, juicy ripples. The debonair heart notes then take over, introducing us to beautiful hues of chrome, creams, and cerulean: petrichor for a mineral, wet stone inflection and opulent facets of clean sea salt. This rich, rugged profile is then masterfully complemented with a coastal bouquet accord shining with bright white florals, tropical florals, and lavender. All leading to the sensual base notes engorged with warm amber undertones of Oaxacan copal wood, riveting ambergris, and waves of solar flare and celestial musk. Crafted to be a luminary, just like you, partake in Lovers' Dew and enjoy. #DoAsLoversDew

Top notes: Aztec Tuna de Nopal (Cactus Prickly Pear), California Pomelo, Baies de Genièvre (juniper berry)

Heart notes: Sea Salt, Wet Stone, and our Coastal Bouquet accord
Base notes: Oaxacan Copal Wood, Ambergris accord, Celestial Musk

Hand formulated and bottled in California. Recyclable. Eco-friendly Packaging. Flammable. Please keep out of direct sunlight and store in a cool, dry place. Cruelty-free. Travel-friendly (TSA approved). Recommended you apply to a small area of your skin and/or clothes first to test the scent and evaluate it evolving over time.

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