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$5.00 USD

This "Invest & Support" option is created for those willing to financially contribute to the meteoric rise of our fine fragrance company. Your personal investments support the development, marketing, mission, vision, and overall growth of MATTEO PARFUMS. We are a Black-owned, Latino-owned, small, American fine fragrance brand completely bootstrapped and funded by ambitious people like you, thank you!

The thriving fragrance industry is valued at $62B ($84B by 2028) with 25% of its revenue being generated by consumers that identify as People of Color. However, less than 1% of People of Color are in key decision-making roles, in positions of power for creative control, or are fragrance developers/Noses/Perfumers themselves or at fragrance companies. Mainstream Fragrance lacks diversity of perspective, skill, cultures, thought, and talent. We help change that. 

You are able to support in any $5 increment you desire (e.g. $5, $25, $5,000, etc.), there is no set limit. Any and all gifts are welcome and truly appreciated. Contributions to MATTEO PARFUMS are not tax-deductible.

It takes a village and we're honored you're choosing to be a part of ours.

- Matthew J. Sánchez, Founder + Perfumer

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